1st Anniversary of the Il Limite in Cormons, characterized by solidarity

To celebrate its first anniversary, il Limite in Cormons wants to celebrate in the best way: helping the research. Demonstrating great solidarity, they decided to support our association by helping us raise funds for the treatment of our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. The evening includes a buffet with responsible entry, the participants can decide the [...]

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In Farra Recitas VII Edition

On Friday, December 15 will begin the sixth edition of the theater festival in Farra Recitas that this year will consist on three evenings. The first Friday, December 15, 2017 with the Trigeminus with a cabaret show entitled "E je cussi e bon ve", followed Saturday, January 27 with the theater company Il Tomat of [...]

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Autumn Festival in Farra d’Isonzo

On Sunday, October 29th, from 12.00 p.m., we will participate in the Autumn Festival in Farra d'Isonzo, organized by the Association of Voluntary Donors of Blood - Farra d'Isonzo and the Parish of S. María Assunta - Farra d ' Isonzo. This year the funds raised will go to benefit our association! There will be [...]

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Conquistando Escalones dismisses June raising 3,400 € for the medical research of Muscular Dystrophy LGMD1F and HIV

The end of June and beginning of the summer, has remained, like May, very agitated for the Conquistando Escalones Association. We continue in the struggle to raise funds for research that will save the life of our family and can also cure millions around the world, given that as discovered in 2013, the genetic mutation [...]

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7 km marathon on the occasion of the third “Trail 32 Cippi”

On Sunday, June 25, for the third "Trail 32 Cippi", we organized a 7 km march open to anyone who wants to participate in our Association to raise funds for research on the cure of Muscular Dystrophy and AIDS . For more information consult the poster or the website of the MARCIATORI GORIZIA.

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Precipita’s crowdfunding campaign provides funding for research on LGMD-1F Muscular Dystrophy and AIDS

- Achieved € 10,740 out of the total € 40,000 required for a year - Conquistando Escalones has already paid more than € 120,000 to researchers - More than € 200,000 are needed from now and until finishing 2018 90 days ago a crowdfunding campaign was launched on the Precipita Platform (belonging to the Spanish [...]

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Interview on Radio 24 for the International Rare Disease day

FONDAZIONE TELETHON has counted on us for the macro-campaign to raise awareness about the need for medical research, this year's theme for February 28, World Rare Disease Day. Yesterday they interviewed us on Radio 24. Thank you both.   Interview Radio 24 Here below you can listen to us  

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Interview on the television channel “Telefriuli” in the “march to Capriva”

During the "march of Capriva" on 29 January we were interviewed by Alessandro Bonfanti for the "Isonzo News" broadcast, broadcasted on Saturday, February 11 in the "Telefriuli"  tv channel. It was another great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of funding scientific research on rare diseases and to publicize new projects in progress. Once [...]

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Great participation at the marathon in Capriva

Exceeded all expectations in the participation of the Sunday marathon in Capriva. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a walk on the beautiful hills of Capriva, where we felt all the warmth of the participants in the sporting event, the Gruppo Marciatori Gorizia who organized it, the Mayor Daniele Sergon and the many [...]

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A team from Farra d’Isonzo runs for Conquistando Escalones at the Udine marathon

  This year Farra d'Isonzo wanted to participate in the 18th edition of the "Staffetta Telethon 24 per un'ora" of Udine with a team dedicated to our association, showing great sensitivity and solidarity towards scientific research on rare diseases and in particular towards us and our macro-project of medical research. The charity marathon has gathered [...]

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