Win a signed shirt from VillarrealCF for the “1€ for the cure of the Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS for each goal of Soldado” campaign Raffle amongst all who have paid all the goals of Roberto Soldado During this 2015/2016 season, we have done the “1€ for the cure of the Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS for each goal of Soldado” campaign. Many of you are noted. Roberto Soldado completed the season with a total of 9 goals [...]

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The CEIP “Las Pedreras” of Calasparra donates the fundraising of the The Lion King musical

On June 14th, the CEIP “Las Pedreras” of Calasparra donated to the different associations which were suposed to receive the benefits of the  performance the bank checks, giving 360 € to each one, being one of the Conquistando Escalones. This quantity helps to pay the medical investigation which seeks the cure of the 1F Limb-Girdle [...]

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10.000 € to investigate the AIDS and the Muscular Dystrophy thanks to the charity table football of the VillarrealCF and the Bayer 04 Leverkusen

The charity table football has already an owner. The secret bid done on the last matches of the season which took place at El Madrigal for the commemorative charity table footaball of the second match on the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League between the Bayer 04 Leverkusen and the VillarrealCF has been [...]

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Valentín will house the III Brick Throwing World Championship on June 25th

The Hamlet of Valentín, which belongs to Cehegín and Calasparra, will house the III Brick Throwing World Championship of Valentin on June 25th since 12:00 h at the Church’s Square. This event is organized by the Association FILVA and the Association Conquistando Escalones, which is made as a part of the patronal feasts in honor [...]

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The “ruta de la tapa” (route of the “tapa”) of Vila-real intends its caring side to Conquistando Escalones

The "ruta de la tapa" of Vila-real, celebrated between april and may 2016, arrived to its 10th edition, being confirmed not only as the first (by seniority) and most important province, but also as one of the most entrenched of the Valencian Community. This year more than 40.000 tapas have been served, generating more than [...]

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Two schools of Premià de Dalt will conquer steps (Conquistando Escalones) on their Spring Fest

Bouncy castles, expositions, after-school exhibitions and polisportive, music, dancing, workshops and a lot more, will be what will take place on next June 4th at the schools of Santa Anna and Maria Manent of Premià de Dalt (Barcelona) to celebrate their respective Spring Fests. In both of them, the Association COnquistando Escalones will have presence [...]

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Open march motivated by the second “Trail 32 Cippi”

Sunday, june 26, on the occasion of the second “Trail 32 Cippi”, we have organized a 7 km open march, free opened to everybody who wants to participate in favor of the Association to raise funds for the investigation about the cure of the Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS. For more information look at the [...]

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