Winners of the triple raffle of Conquistando Escalones

In the last events held in the province of Castellón, we have given you the opportunity to sign a number of the grid in which we were drawing 2 Villarreal CF shirts and 1 dinner for 2 people in El Racó de Pepa. After signing many of them this weekend in our stand of the [...]

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The Vice President of Conquistando Escalones, Young Talent Award nominee

  Bankia and Levante journal organize the IV Young Talent Valencian Community Awards, with prize of 6000 euros for the winner of each of its categories. In the section "Social" is nominated our vice president Abrahán Guirao, who as he has already announced, if he wins, will donate the award for the association, to continue [...]

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Conquistando Escalones and Ángel Gil Cheza await you at the Santa Catalina Fair

- On Sunday, November 27, Conquistando Escalones will have a stand located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square) - You can buy for only 5 euros, copies of the novel "La lluvia es una canción sin letra” - Solidary bracelets, silk-screened lacasitos, BeeRRockFest t-shirts and numbers for the drawing of a Villarreal CF [...]

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Vila-real supports the runners from Celtic Submarí that will run for Conquistando Escalones

The Councilor of Sports Silvia Gómez shows her support to the charity initiative - Help the cause by donating at the "solidarity kilometres" - You can also donate as a Km.0 donation type As we told you weeks ago, 6 members of the Penya Celtic Submarí will run at the Valencia’s Marathon Trinidad Alfonso to help [...]

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The Official video game of VillarrealCF helps Conquistando Escalones

- 'VillarrealCF Soccer Hunters', designed by Vampirako Studio is already available for Android and IOS - Downloading is free but most of the benefits from the extra supplements and merchandising will go for Conquistando Escalones The VillarrealCF has presented this noon its official video game called 'VillarrealCF Soccer Hunters' with the presence of the club, [...]

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You can now donate your charity kilometer pf the Valencia’s Marathon Trinidad Alfonso

- Help virtually the runners of Celtic Submarí - Donate the quantity you think appropriate at the piggy banks at the friendly stores - You can also donate as a Km.0 donation type As we told you weeks ago, 6 members of the Penya Celtic Submarí will run at the Valencia’s Marathon Trinidad Alfonso to help [...]

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Medical Conclave with Conquistando Escalones at La Fe of Valencia

Last Friday took place an important reunion for Conquistando Escalones. We met Bjarne Udd, professor at the University Of Tampere and one of the most experienced researchers on rare neuromuscular diseases on an international level. He could met in person several members of our family from different ages and grade of affection of our disease and [...]

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Great reception for the stand of Conquistando Escalones at Premià’s Halloween

Last weekend, on Friday, we participated, as we did last year, at the Halloween celebrated at the C/Torrent de Santa Anna de Premià of Mar/Premià de Dalt. Children and parents came to our stand, where they participated in several activities, discovered more about our association, acquired our charity merchandising products and bought a number, for [...]

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Poble magazine donates part of its November’s advertising revenue to Conquistando Escalones

“Poble, la revista de Vila-real" has become a reference at the Plana Baixa city and a must-read that counts already with 233 numbers. By these days they always donate part of their revenue obtained by the advertisings to a charity cause. Concretely, we talk about the November’s edition, which you may find already at your [...]

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Don’t miss the Conquistando Escalones Christmas Lotterty tenth

- Conquistando Escalones gave 192.000 € on 2015’s Christmas - For sale at 20 euros per tenth wiithout any additional charge - They can be acquired from the association members, friendly stores or at the administration On the 2015’s Christmas, during the firsts months of life of the Association Conquistando Escalones, we put for sale [...]

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