Pepe Cerezo from ‘Evoca’ gets 500 € for the project of Conquistando Escalones of the Precipitata platform

The Precipita platform collaborate with Piperlab, who carries out a post-solidarity action, whose editor donates to the research project that chooses 500 euros. Pepe Cerezo is the director of the communication agency Evoca and the author of the post that you can read here ( which has decided to donate the aforementioned amount to our [...]

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Great participation at the marathon in Capriva

Exceeded all expectations in the participation of the Sunday marathon in Capriva. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a walk on the beautiful hills of Capriva, where we felt all the warmth of the participants in the sporting event, the Gruppo Marciatori Gorizia who organized it, the Mayor Daniele Sergon and the many [...]

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Conquistando Escalones says goodbye on Saturday 28 of the ‘Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon’

The 'Vermut Route and musical and solidarity afternoon' dedicates each month to an association of Vila-real, giving space in their activities to make themselves known and can raise money in the way they decide. In January, Conquistando Escalones is being the lucky one and after several weeks of music, fun and solidarity, she has to [...]

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The Association Conquistando Escalones “opens” its new headquarters

Just over a year ago, the association Conquistando Escalones was born to unite all those affected (and their relatives) of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that sufferes more than a hundred people who shared blood and ancestors. After discovering that the genetic mutation that made us sick, made us immune to AIDS, our [...]

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Superheroes and “the voice” of the province on Saturday 21 in the ‘Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon’

They continue for the third Saturday in a row, the concerts of the 'Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon' in which Conquistando Escalones has participation and you can buy copies of the novel "La lluvia es una canción sin letra" by Ángel Gil Cheza in return Of a donation of € 5. This [...]

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Evening meal in the previous time of the “derby” Villarreal CF – Valencia on Saturday

January 21 at 20:45 is disputed at the Estadio de la Cerámica, the "derby" between Villarreal CF and Valencia. The Agrupación de Peñas del VillarrealCF, among other activities scheduled for that day, will perform at its headquarters (C / Almazora nº7 Vila-real) from 2 hours before the game a snack whose benefits will go to [...]

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Overcome a third of the time, the “Precipita” campaign still needs you

- Advances research on the cure of LGMD1F Muscular Dystrophy and HIV - 60 days remaining to get the money - Achieved more than 3000 euros of the 9000 minimum to achieve it Precipita Platform (belonging to the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Economy and Industry) opened a month ago [...]

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The unit that leads the investigation of our disease, named European reference center

The unit of rare neuromuscular diseases of the Hospital La Fe of Valencia, which was already a national reference, has been one of the two units of this hospital also named now of European reference as centers of excellence in the treatment of these diseases. From Conquistando Escalones we are especially pleased that this unit [...]

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Open marathon on the occasion of the third “Collio Marathon”

On Sunday, January 29, for the third "Collio Marathon", we organized a 7 km march open to anyone who wants to participate with our Association to raise funds for research on the cure of Muscular Dystrophy and AIDS. For more information consult the poster or the website of the  MARCIATORI GORIZIA.

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Subscribing to the Poble Magazine helps you to Conquistando Escalones

The Poble magazine of Vila-real dedicated part of its annual solidarity campaign to our association, with a donation of 500 euros. Now, in addition, if you subscribe to the magazine through us, a % will be donated to our cause, which is none other than pay for the medical research that seeks the cure for [...]

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