Conquistando Escalones accompanies and represents the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER)

Last Thursday 25, was held in Murcia the Local Assembly of FEDER, (Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases), in which Conquistando Escalones was present. There became approved unanimously all matters to be hold , as well as informing attendees of news and advantages that Associations have when they belong to FEDER. This Assembly was the prelude [...]

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Valentín Brick Throwing World Championship returns

On June 25, the 4th Brick Throwing World Championship of Valentín is celebrated, a unique championship where the main objective is the entertainment of those who participate and the solidarity, without forgetting that one can be World Champion without being a great sportsman. The Brick Throwing World Championship of Valentín will take place as usual [...]

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“Tribalia Danza” Festival in Villajoyosa in favor of Conquistando Escalones

On June 27 will take place in the Auditori La Vila de Villajoyosa (Alicante) the 2017 Festival of "Tribalia Danza", a show with double pass (from 18:30 to 20:00 and from 20:30 to 22:00) which will raise funds for the Conquistando Escalones Association and thus help our family, who suffers from a degenerative disease called [...]

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Conquistando Escalones signs an agreement with the Laboratory of Neuromuscular Pathology and Ataxia of La Fe of Valencia

The research group led by Dr. Juan Jesus Vílchez Padilla, in addition to being the spokesman for the medical alliance created for the research of Muscular Dystrophy LGMD1F suffered by the members of Conquistando Escalones, has been working with our disease for decades, trying to investigate its causes and collaborating since the discovery of the [...]

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Book your place for the Vila-real Rotary Club dinner in favor of the Conquistando Escalones Association

Like every year, the Rotary Club of Vila-real will host a gala which will raise funds to help an association that carries out work in the city. This time the beneficiary will be the Conquistando Escalones Association, whose vice president Abrahán Guirao, along with his family, do not stop to work tirelessly to raise funds [...]

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Los Gandules and Gigatrón, headliners of the solidary BeeRЯock Fest Vol.III

- BeeRЯock Fest Vol.III will raise funds for research on Muscular Dystrophy and HIV - Los Gandules and Gigatrón will set the tone for an event with 7 hours of live music with the final of the Vila-real Music Group Competition, the premiere of Kharma and the performance of Toni de l'Hostal - Craft beer [...]

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