The Urban-Musical Appointment of Vila-real dedicates its December solidary side to CASDA and to the Conquistando Escalones Association

As every month, The Urban and Musical Appointment of Vila-real offers musical performances in different places, giving visibility to associations with presence and working in the city. The month of December is globally known for all the initiatives that are carried out around the globe around the fight against HIV, being Day 1 also the [...]

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Conquistando Escalones Christmas Concert

The Conquistando Escalones Association is pleased to present its first Christmas Concert with the orchestra "Orchextrà" which will be held on Monday 18 December at 8.45 pm at the Verdi Theater in Gorizia (via Garibaldi 2 / a). Do not miss this beautiful concert with an orchestra composed of more than 50 elements that will [...]

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Conquistando Escalones finances the University of Bologna

Today we have great news to give you with a big thank you to all those who with their help and support have made it possible! This morning we made a transfer to the University of Bologna to continue in 2018 the research project "The role of Transportin 3 (TNPO3) in the LGMD1F" of prof. [...]

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Solidarity Day of the Sant Isidre Falla in favor of Conquistando Escalones

Last Saturday, November 11, 2017, the Solidarity Day of the Sant Isidre Falla took place in favor of the Conquistando Escalones Association with the presence of members of the board of directors of our association as well as associates. Also were representatives of the Delegation of Participation and Solidarity of the Central Fallera Board, who [...]

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At the “Voce Isontina” newspaper they talk about us

At the Voce Isontina newspaper it has been published this article about us which help us to make known our association and our battle! Thanks a lot to Filippo Medeot  for have written this beautiful and complete article, collecting all the details about our “adventure” which we hope will lead us to the cure of [...]

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Conquistando Escalones is present at the FEDER Assembly in Murcia

On Tuesday, November 7, the FEDER Assembly was held in Murcia, as it corresponds to the second semester of this year. Conquistando Escalones was present in the same, which treated issues such as the Comprehensive Plan for Rare Diseases, as well as the appreciation of the lines to follow in 2018 by the delegation of [...]

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CASDA dedicates the solidary side of its 20 Anniversary party to Conquistando Escalones

CASDA, the Citizens of Castellón Against AIDS Association, celebrates this Saturday, November 11, 20 years of struggle. 20 years in which they have been working for care, prevention, training, employment and awareness of HIV / AIDS and people who suffer from it. As they affirm, it will be a day of celebration, but also of remembrance. [...]

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‘Somos Carne’ celebrates a great dinner on November 17 with a show in favor of Conquistando Escalones

Next Friday, November 17 at 9:30 p.m. in 'Somos Carne' of Vila-real (Av.Francia 42) a great solidarity dinner will be held in favor of the Conquistando Escalones Association, to raise funds for medical research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy  1F and AIDS. At Somos Carne they are specialists in beef, gourmet and Iberian burgers, working with [...]

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