The solidarity challenge of students of the conservatory of Caravaca de la Cruz collaborates with Conquistando Escalones

The AMPA of the Conservatory of Music "Leandro Martínez Romero", of Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), is carrying out a solidary challenge, involving the students of this center so that at this Christmas time, they collaborate with a cause solidarity, as well as continuing with their training during the holiday period and the AMPA [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2020

This year instead of an image, a postcard or a written statement, we have decided to wish you Merry Christmas with this video, taking stock of our work and regarding all the years that we have passed already and telling more widely about the moment in which the research is. We hope you do not [...]

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Buy your participation for the 2020 “Lotería del Niño”

The Christmas Lottery has not left any prize but we will continue to seek luck with the El Niño Lottery. Again from the hands of the Carlos III administration of Fuenlabrada, we return to play with 36058. Of course, for logistics and little time, the only possibility of acquiring it is in the form [...]

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Ferro donates € 3115 to Conquistando Escalones through his project ‘Teaming-El Euro Solidario’

On the night of this past Friday we were invited to Ferro's company dinner, in a special gala for its centenary. The reason was to be chosen as a beneficiary association, together with Aspas Castellón, of their project 'Teaming-El Euro Solidario'. The campaign is that all employees donate a euro every month through a platform [...]

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About € 4,000 for medical research thanks to the ‘I Series of Concerts: Castellón con la Ciencia’

During October and November and organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association, the 'I Series of Concerts: Castellón con la Ciencia' took place. An attempt, after acquiring experience in the organization of musical events, to bring the association closer to the capital of La Plana Baixa, to offer a varied musical offer in its rooms and, [...]

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Xavi Castillo arrives on January 24 in Vila-real with his new ‘La Bíblia: Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento’

On January 24 he returns to Vila-real and again collaborating with the Conquistando Escalones Association, the Valencian humorist Xavi Castillo. This time he does it with his new work: new 'La Bíblia: Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento' where he analyzes and satirizes some of the main passages of the scriptures. The Pot de Plom company [...]

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Coqnuistando Escalones delivers an honorary submarine to VillarrealCF for his help

- The sports organization dedicates the solidarity tier of Villarreal-Getafe to the association. The president of the Conquistando Escalones Association, Abrahán Guirao, has given Marcos Senna, as representative of VillarrealCF, an honorary submarine for his help through the Endavant Solidaritat project. Since the creation of the association, in order to raise funds for the research [...]

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