Pepe Cerezo from ‘Evoca’ gets 500 € for the project of Conquistando Escalones of the Precipitata platform

The Precipita platform collaborate with Piperlab, who carries out a post-solidarity action, whose editor donates to the research project that chooses 500 euros. Pepe Cerezo is the director of the communication agency Evoca and the author of the post that you can read here ( which has decided to donate the aforementioned amount to our project in Precipita. We want to thank both Pepe de Evoca and Piperlab for such a gesture towards us.


Precipita Platform (belonging to the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Economy and Industry) opened a month ago a call for funds to acquire new technology thanks to which we can enter into gene therapy and test drugs that can help us as part of the research of the Unit of Immunopathology of AIDS of the Institute of Health Carlos III of Madrid that seeks to cure our disease (1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy) and at the same time, HIV infection. We recall that a few years ago it was discovered that the genetic mutation that causes our disease, immunizes us to AIDS, since the transportin 3, which we have mutated, is the one that makes the virus to be introduced into the organism of an infected person.

This call lasts 3 months and 9000 euros must be obtained so that these advances can be implemented and 25,000 so that the project can be completed in full. At 43 days to finish, we have exceeded 5000 euros, which is a good way to get the minimum figure, so that donations are not returned and can start this phase of research, important not only for our family, but for millions around the world.

We want to thank all those who have contributed and remark that there is still much to achieve, so we continue to need your help.

You can make your donation and see the details of the campaign CLICKING HERE.