Thanks Villarreal CF !

– More than 23.000 euros fundraised thanks to “Endavant Conquistando Escalones”.

Since a few months ago we formed the Association Conquistando Escalones to raise funds for the cure of our 1-F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS (we want to remember that genetical mutation which causes the first avoids us of being infected by the second) the VillarrealCF is involved with our cause, starting by giving us some official products for the several events that we have had. The joining of forces and the support of the club was made official in the press pass made the past february, day in which was announced the donation of the ticket benefits of the Villarreal-Levante match on February 28th, football match where we can give information and sell solidarity bracelets amongst other things before the beginning of it and to pose with the two starting elevens before it too. An unforgettable day where we raised 22.400 euros, thanks to whom we can start one of the investigation paths which hopes to find a medication in order to improve or at least slow the state of the affected of the disease before a definitive cure arrives. Moreover, during this next weeks, where raffled 11 shirts of the players of the Villarreal and the Levante (thanks to the Levante club for its support as well) which have reported another 830 euros.   

First great collaboration among several which will come from a club that has no enough gratitude words to it. Example of sportive management, and social labor example with multiple initiatives coming from its brand “Endavant”. We want to give THANKS again together with the desire of another sportive institutions from many sportive, business and social levels to follow their ways regarding the importance of an investigation which is being and will be a landmark to science and will save million people.

There are many ways to help us:

Note: the video attached is the one which was realized by the League for its official channel. We want to thank also all who did and send photos added to the attached gallery.