The ecological agriculture of Vila-real sympathizes with Conquistando Escalones

– The course starts on September 27th and the registrations are made at Caixa Rural Foundation.

– The funds raised with the inscriptions will go to Conquistando Escalones

From september, Vila-real will house the ecological agriculture course which is organized by temps de Sembra for the last 5 years with the sponsor of the Agriculture, Environment and Global Warming  Council, the Caixa Rural Vila-real Foundation and the catholic-agrarian Cooperative. A workshop where more than 100 people have participated and which has trespassed frontiers to other cities, with the the interest of neighbours from other municipalities.

The course, which starts at September 27th, counts with five theoretical sessions, which will be developed at the Social Center, and five practical sessions and is free opened to whoever interested on it. Amongst the contents you can find historical subjects as well as earth microbiology, association, rotation, green fertilizers, mulching, sowing timing, orchard design, big plants and correct substances n case of plagues subjects, amongst many other concepts related to traditional agriculture.

The interested on assisting can be registrated at the Caixa Rural Foundation and will obtain more information at 964 539 125 and at 600 700 892. The cost of the workshop is of 50 euros and offers a 50% discount to unemployeds, young people and retired. The funds raised will go, as every year, to a charitable association, in this case the association Conquistando Escalones and our cause, which is no other than the cure of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS.
From Conquistando Escalones we want the give thanks once more for the support received from the Vila-real City Council and in this specific case to the Agriculture Council headed by Josep Pasqual Sancho.