• Raffle amongst all who have paid all the goals of Roberto Soldado

During this 2015/2016 season, we have done the “1€ for the cure of the Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS for each goal of Soldado” campaign. Many of you are noted.


Roberto Soldado completed the season with a total of 9 goals and we raffle a signed shirt amongst all who have paid all of them. If you didn’t join the campaign but you want to opt for the prize, doing the indicated donation you can get in. The limit for the payments are until July 1st, 2016, in which day we will announce the winner of the shirt.

The donations can be done by Paypal, by inserting the quantity and clicking “donate” on this link: https://goo.gl/F0uAbc or doing a bank transfer at the account: ES69 0487 0539 2120 0000 1357.

You didn’t remember how many goals you have already paid? Any doubt? Contact us on our Facebook or writting to acevicepresidencia@gmail.com.

And remember that there are many other ways to help us:


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