Tribute to Sabina, bossa nova and jazz on Saturday 14 in the ‘Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon’

Last weekend started the second month of the "Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon," where Conquistando Escalones had a presence and many came to know our struggle, make a donation and especially acquire copies of the novel "La lluvia es una canción sin letra" by Ángel Gil Cheza in exchange for a donation [...]

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Conquistando Escalones protagonist in January of the ‘Route of vermouth and musical afternoon’

The 'Route of vermouth and musical afternoon', in an initiative to make monthly cycles of music in the streets and locals of Vila-real. In addition, a solidarity case is supported every month, during which, along the musical performances, some NGO may have to publicize its cause and raise funds for it. During January, Conquistando Escalones [...]

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