During October and November and organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association, the ‘I Series of Concerts: Castellón con la Ciencia’ took place. An attempt, after acquiring experience in the organization of musical events, to bring the association closer to the capital of La Plana Baixa, to offer a varied musical offer in its rooms and, mainly, to fulfill the objective of the association that is to raise funds for the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.

Thus, the performances of Toni de l’Hostal, Next B, Delafé, Jamaleonics, Combo Calada, Gem, Guille Dinnbier, Great Musician and Best Person as well as Cheeto’s Magazine were happening. Every event has a great workload from its preparation to its conclusion, with unforeseen surprises and emotions of all kinds, having multiplied in a cycle like this. The cycle has served to continue gaining experience in organizing future events but especially and mainly, we are glad to say, that € 4000 has been raised for research, specifically € 3915.

We want to thank the groups, the attendees, the staff of the Because Room and the La Burbuja Room, as well as all the sponsors (Canseco Cerámicas, Multiópticas Ibara, A-Uno Digital Image, Discesur, Esther Pastry Catering, Exagres, Gamma Due, Limitronic, Malco Rent a Car, Tecnyshop, CASDA, Calcsicova and Marble Moldings), wanting to make a special mention to Cristian Iserte, agent of the Mediolanum Bank, that without the campaign carried out since its foundation in which multiplied everything obtained, adding benefits would have been much more complicated.

What is Conquistando Escalones?

The Conquistando Escalones Association forms a family that suffers, for more than 8 generations, a unique genetic mutation in the world makes them sick but in turn, scientists have proven that it makes them immune to HIV. Currently, several research groups are looking for a cure for them that can also save millions. Therefore, Conquistando Escalones must get € 200,000 every year to be able to pay for these investigations. The way to get these funds is by holding events, campaigns and other initiatives.

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