COMMUNIQUE: BeeRЯock Fest Vol.6 is postponed.

From the Conquistando Escalones Association, we regret to announce that the 6th edition of the BeeRЯock Fest, scheduled for May 21 and framed within the San Pascual festivities, has been postponed. It is something that unfortunately seemed clear for weeks, but we have waited for an improvement in the situation caused by COVID-19. Although it is true that the data of the last days suggests a slowdown in the pandemic, many factors make its celebration unfeasible, such as, mainly, the extension of the state of alarm until at least April 26, the staggered uprising. and controlled of the confinement. Mainly, these two circumstances are the ones that make us think that on May 21 it is practically impossible to have a free way to celebrate an event that gathers a large number of people.

In addition, although the circumstances were favorable and its celebration was possible, the festival requires many previous weeks of work to close the details and carry out all that it entails, something unfeasible in the current situation.

We are very sorry not to be able to celebrate it, because it is one of the first events that were held to raise funds for the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, because it is an event that has almost become a tradition of parties of San Pascual and because it is not the only one that we have had and we will have to suspend and our current situation in order to be able to pay for medical investigations is delicate.

We want to thank the bands that were going to play, as well as the sponsors who had confirmed their help for their predisposition and especially the Vila-real City Council for all their involvement. The wait until now and the publication of this statement is also motivated by the sad (although expected) cancellation of the parties, something that is imminent in the next few hours as published by various media.

Our intention is to celebrate the 6th edition of the BeeRЯock Fest in the September Fiestas de la Mare de Déu de Gràcia. We will confirm any news in this regard. It depends on many factors: we have to discuss it with the City Council and the Party Board, it will depend on the support of sponsoring companies that is vital to cover the expenses and above all, on the progress of the coronavirus situation and the Coronavirus situation and the guidelines that the experts and the government make us obey.

We want to thank you all, wishing that soon we can enjoy good music and good beer live. For anyone who wants to help us in some way so that the investigations do not stop, you can find various ways at or contact us at