“Las burbujitas de Abarán” collaborate with Conquistando Escalones

Next saturday December 19, starting at 17:00 at the Sports Center of Abarán, the gymnasts of the “Club Rítmica Abarán” will do their second Christmas Festival. In this occasion the more than 160 girls from this Rhythmic Gymnastics club will make their exposition, to the benefit of Conquistando Escalones, where the bystanders will collaborate with the donation of one euro. The gymnasts of different ages which comprises from 4 years and ahead, will jump to the floor to perform the shows that have been preparing along the last trimester of 2015. Moreover, our association will prepare an information point where will be giving our pathology in the murcian locality of Abarán. This event is organized by the “Club Rítmica Abarán” and with the collaboration of Municipal Council of Abarán. From Conquistando Escalones we want to thank this collaboration, to this two entities and especially to all the girls who participate, the parents of them and the monitors of the Club: Laura and Pepi.