Bid for the Villarreal – Levante match shirts and help to cure the muscular dystrophy and the AIDS

At the Villarreal – Levante match which took place this february 28th, the yellow club donated the ticket benefits to our association, and also dedicated the match with the slogan “Endavant Conquistando Escalones”. As you know, our association is looking for funds in order to pay the investigations which are close to the cure of the 1F type Muscular Dystrophy which affects to our family and so to the cure of the AIDS, given that the mutation which causes the first, impede the infection of the second.

After the match, both Villarreal and Levante donated shirts of some players to get bidden, and so obtain funds. You can do it in the following links we detail:

Bid for Víctor Ruiz shirt

Bid for Bakambu shirt

Bid for Soldado shirt

Bid for Pina shirt

Bid for Castillejo shirt

Bid for Trigueros shirt

Bid for Rossi shirt

Bid for Simao shirt

Bid for Morales shirt

Bid for Lerma shirt

Bid for Toño García shirt