The charity “macarronada” of la Penya Tio Canya will raise funds for Conquistando Escalones

Vila-real will celebrate its fests of Sant Pasqual between 13th and 22th May, 2016 and one of the acts wich attracts more people is the traditional charity “macarronada” of la Penya Tio Canya, which in this occasion will be intended in benefit of our association to keep raising funds for the cure of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS.

The “peña” (group or association of people) borned in 2009 with intergenerational vocation and with the will of regain traditions and include the valencian culture within the fests. Over the years, has joined different acts and events, included, in the midst of the crisis, the “macarronada” with charity to others and associations which works in Vila-real. From Conquistando Escalines we want to give thanks for being this year chosen for this charity act.

The event will take place Friday, May 20th at 3:00 pm at the local of la Penya Tio Canya (C/Cervantes nr.26) with a cost of 1€ for each dish.

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