Next May 28th, the students of the CEIP Las Pedreras of Calasparra will perform a version of the Musical “The Lion King” under the direction of Juan Montiel García but making themselves the dresses, decoration and all the organization of the musical performance.

As the last year, the CEIP Las Pedreras has decided to donate the funds raised on this musical to several associations of non-benefit proposal, as AECC, Asociación Arcoíris and the Association Conquistando Escalones. The representation of this Musical will be on May 24, 25, 26 and 28 at the Municipal Auditorium of Calasparra, and will be on May 28th at 18:00 pm when they will perform the representation on benefit of Conquistando Escalones. The donation to see this musical will be of 3 euros and the donative tickets are now for sell at the CEIP Las Pedreras, as well as it will be a 0 Row for the ones who couldn’t come but wanted to collaborate, in which case you can contact with us.

From Conquistando Escalones, we want to give thanks to the CEIP Las Pedreras, students, professors, parents, Calasparra’s city council and to Juan Montiel García, who collaborate with our cause.


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