BeeRЯock Fest Vol.II, the artisan beer and music festival which will raise funds for Conquistando Escalones

‘-  After a first sucessful edition, the BeeRЯock Fest Vol.II will take place on May 19th

– More than 5 hour music with Pep el Botifarra & Spanish Brass and the final of the Vila-real local groups contest as headliners.

– The festival passes from 8 to 25 beer barrels and multiplies by 3 their sponsors

– Raffles during the event


Next May 19th, on the San Pascual fests of Vila-real, will take place the BeeRЯock Fest Vol.II, second edition of a festival which will raise funds again for the Association Conquistando Escalones, created by affected of 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and  their family, a degenerative genetic and muscular disease that suffer the members of this family for 8 generations and which for unique genetical coincidence, it has been discovered that makes us immune the AIDS virus.

In the last edition 2000 euros where raised for this cause, with more than 500 bystanders. On this occasion, the objective is to double this numbers. To this purpose, the artisan beer barrels pass from 8 to 25 and will be musical performances from 19:00 until midnight, with Pep el Botifarra and Spanish Brass together with the final of the Vila-real musical groups contest, as headliners of a wide and varied billboard.

Also, there will be food for sale at popular prices in order to help the bystanders to not have to leave the concert zones, which will take place all over the Germanies street of Vila-real, with Beerattack Brewery as neuralgic point of the event. It will also take place raffles, raffling, amongst many other things, an electric guitar, official equipment of the VillarrealCF and musical material packs from VIla-real groups.

The benefit of the artisan barrels will be for the association thanks to the sponsors, who have multiplied on number since the last edition. We want to give thanks for make this possible to: Youth Council of  the Vila-real city council, Beerattack, Freaks in Black, Zeta, Castelló Beer Factory, La Cabra Beer, Dast Welt Auto, Michavila Sevi-Real Auto Real, Vila-Sport Fútbol Sala, Vampirako Studio, Rikky Alves, Penya Celtic Submarí, Casda, Calcsicova, Villa Amparín II, Auto Servicio Juani, Pixcel, Serteca, Mesón Soria, Perfumarte, Esport2, Dionisia Films, Teseo Consultores, Comunica’t, La Tarara, Multiópticas, Pollos Planes, Catering Pastelería Esther and the VillarrealCF.