Valentín will house the III Brick Throwing World Championship on June 25th

The Hamlet of Valentín, which belongs to Cehegín and Calasparra, will house the III Brick Throwing World Championship of Valentin on June 25th since 12:00 h at the Church’s Square. This event is organized by the Association FILVA and the Association Conquistando Escalones, which is made as a part of the patronal feasts in honor of St John Baptist.

The event has a charity purpose as it will be payed a charity donation for each inscription of 3 euros for adults and 1 euros for child under 16 years, which will be intended on its totallity to the Association Conquistando Escalones, which goal is the investigation of the Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy LGMD1F, as well as the research of a cure of the AIDS, and the inscriptions will be able before the celebration of this event.

The Championship consists on throwing an artisanal craft mud brick from Valentin and the participation is open to everybody, and there are several categories: from Benjamin until Absolute category. The participants on the absolute categories will throw a 2 kg weight brick and the lower categories will throw a 1 kg brick.

The throwing world record of Valentin is form Alfonso Zamora in Male Category and Celia Matallana in Female Category, with 11,55 metres and 6,59 metres respectively, as winners of the first edition.

In this third edition parallel activities will be organized for the enjoyment of all the participants and bystanders, as bouncy castles for the child, a DJ who will cheer the event and all the assistants will have food and beer. Previously to this event the I “Valle del Barro” MTB and Trekking March will be celebrated, which will destinate their benefits to Conquistando Escalones.