Reserve now the Christmas Lottery of Conquistando Escalones

‘- Conquistando Escalones delivered 192.000€ on last Christmas

– Now for sale the tickets for 20€ per ticket without any additional charge

– They can acquired by association members or at the administration

On the Christmas of 2015, during the firsts months of life of the Association Conquistando Escalones, we put for sale our lottery, thanks to the 107 Administration of Barcelona, which also gave us 10 tickets and the benefits of the sale at the rest of the series. As the two last cyphers coincided with the winning number, we delivered 192.000 euros on prizes.

This year this administration, thanks to the generosity of its owner Purificación Fernández, repeats the initiative, including the donation of one serie and the benefits of the sale for the following ones, thus the ticket will be for sale at 20 euros without additional charges.

The number is 47708 and can be acquired by the following ways:

  1. Going to the 107 Administration of Barcelona, located on the C/ Llobregós 147.
  2. Asking for them to the administration by phone calling to 933581751. (The home deliveries to any point of Spain will be at charge of the buyer, against payment or on delivery payment).
  3. Getting in contact with the association members, who will have tickets for sale on their localities. If you don’t nobody directly and you want to know if there is anyone on your zone who you can meet with in order to buy the tickets, send us a message to our Facebook:

Hurry up before their run out! We appreciate in advanced your collaboration and we wish you the same luck we hope for us and we hopefully expect the same results as last year, as minimum.