The Penya Tio Canya helps Conquistando Escalones at the Vila-real fests

Vila-real will celebrate the “Mare de Deu de Gràcia” fests from September  2nd to 11th, 2016 and one of the acts which attracts more people is the already traditional “macarronada solidaria” (a charity launch) of the Penya Tio Canya, which as happened on last may fests, will be on benefit of our association in order to keep raising funds for the cure of the 1F Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS.

The “peña” (typical spanish association) was born on 2009 with an integrational vocation and with the aim of recalling the ancient traditions and include the valencian culture inside the fests. Along the years, it has been adding several acts and events, including, eventhough the crysis, the charity “macarronada” towards people and associations who work in Vila-real. From Conquistando Escalones we want to give thanks for being the chosen ones for this purpose.

The event will take place next September 2nd at 03:00 at the local of the “Penya Tio Canya” (C/Cervantes nr. 26) with a cost of 1 euro each dish. On the same afternoon, previously to the event, there will be “globotada” and popular games as well as “Festa Petarda” (party) with a DJ Juanjo García session. At the attached billboard you may consult the acts of the “peña” for this fests.

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