A.C.E. was present this weekend during an important Medical Congress

Important Congress Days in Italy, where we have been and participated in. This weekend we attended to the “Brain-DM1 Day 2016″ at the IRCCS Hospital San Camillo Venecia-Lido. And after the Friday’s conference, Venecia’s Lido homes, from October 22th to 25th, 2016, the Italian Neurology’s Society Congress (SIN in Italian), where will be a poster about us with the title ‘Insights and imaging phenotypes of Transportinopathy (LIMB GIRDLE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY TYPE 1 F)’ and with the participation of the medical Italian team that was key at discovering our mutation and which keeps working together with the Spanish medical alliance in the research for a cure.  


The Association Conquistando Escalones never stops and we are always with an eye open to any useful thing, not only for our association, but also to give support to everyone that deals daily with rare diseases, because “together we can make it”.
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