Conquistando Escalones opts for the Teaming Awards 2016

The Association Conquistando Escalones, practically from its foundation, is part of “Teaming”, an initiative that supports social causes, providing to whoever needs, a micro fundraising platform which only charges you 1 euro per month and it goes directly to the campaign and/or association which you want to collaborate with. You can help us looking at this link:


Also, every year it is performed a contest where it is awarded the best video or image from a sensitization or social cause fundraising campaign. Conquistando Escalones opts to it with their short film “Como todos los demás”, based in the life of a woman that suffers from 1F Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, disease that is suffered in our family because of a mutation which makes us ill, but immune to AIDS  at the same time.

You can see the short film and vote to help us win it here:

The first award is of 1000 euros, the second one of 500 euros, apart from several honorary awards. You can vote until November 8th.