Design the shirt of Conquistando Escalones and win 100€

‘- Each participant can send 3 designs until 20/12/2016

– Design a shirt that you could wear at any hour

For some time, the Association Conquistando Escalones has the desire of having a shirt of its own that strongly transmits its message and,  together with other charity merchandising products (as the “Sempre Endavant” ), helps to keep spreading the word about the cause and to raise funds for the cure of the LGMD1F Muscular Dystrophy and the AIDS.  To that end, it convenes all the designers from amateur to professional ones (free participation) to a contest to design our shirt.

We look for designs principally focused on shirt application but it is not discarded to use it in other similar products in order to raise funds. Original and creative designs are requested, even funny ones, thinking more on the relation with the cause but especially we want them to be eye-catching and attractive for its purchase. Make a design for a shirt that you could wear at any hour.

Each participant can send 3 designs until the limit date of 20/12/2016. It will be announced and contacted the winner before ending January 2017.