Buying Maxi Cleaner products you help Conquistando Escalones

‘- For each bottle sold of 1L of their products, they donate € 1 to A.C.E.
– Can be purchased in the online store with FREE SHIPPING to the whole peninsula

Maxi Cleaner is a brand that was born in Vila-real with the intention of offering something totally exclusive and revolutionary regarding cleaning products. In addition they do it with a spirit of solidarity and will help Conquistando Escalones to raise funds with a campaign that they have launched.
And that is that during the fall of 2016 and January 2017, each 1-liter bottle of any of the products they sell, will allocate € 1 to our association.
Designers, disinfectants, brighteners, plunger and more possibilities, such as the cleaner, antioxidant products, brand star product that can be used on all types of surfaces.
The products can be acquired physically by going to their facilities at C / Nápoles 10 of Vila-real or by purchasing at their website, with home delivery in 4-5 days and FREE SHIPPING to the entire peninsula.

For more information you can call 964 53 14 79 or 666940120. You can also log in to Facebook.

We wish Maxi Cleaner a lot of luck on his way and we thank all his team and specially his director Gisela Bellés for having thought of us.