Tribute to Sabina, bossa nova and jazz on Saturday 14 in the ‘Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon’

Last weekend started the second month of the “Route of vermouth and musical and solidarity afternoon,” where Conquistando Escalones had a presence and many came to know our struggle, make a donation and especially acquire copies of the novel “La lluvia es una canción sin letra” by Ángel Gil Cheza in exchange for a donation of € 5. And of course, enjoy good music, which is the main objective of this route, with ‘Torpe II’ and ‘MIB Organ Trio’.

On Saturday January 14 will take place the second day and we will be again:

12:00 Ignacio Morcillo: Tribute to Joaquín Sabina in “Taberna Milagros” (C / Ermita 165)

19:00 Hel Rius, Xiomara i Abelló in “Pub 1800” (C / Mestre Goterris 10)

Along with all this, there will be environmental workshops for the youngest from Baobab’s hand.