Conquistando Escalones visits a school by surprise

Today the students of 4th of ESO of the Villa Fatima School of Burriana have received a surprise that they will never forget. After the offering of a visit to the center by José Juan Ballester González, one of its teachers and with his complicity, we recommended then the movie “Bailo por dentro”, two young people with disabilities who seek to live independently, having one of them Cerebral Palsy and its protagonist, Muscular Dystrophy. After finish watching it and without knowing it in advance, our vice president Abrahán Guirao has entered the class. With a shocking start loaded with black humor, he has talked about disability, their projects and of course and above all, the history of the Association Conquistando Escalones. You can already see the beginning of a talk-debate that has been a great experience of which we are very happy and grateful.