CASDA dedicates the solidary side of its 20 Anniversary party to Conquistando Escalones

CASDA, the Citizens of Castellón Against AIDS Association, celebrates this Saturday, November 11, 20 years of struggle. 20 years in which they have been working for care, prevention, training, employment and awareness of HIV / AIDS and people who suffer from it. As they affirm, it will be a day of celebration, but also of remembrance. For all those who already are, and for those who are no longer, and for all those who have two decades of response to HIV.

And in that celebration, in the Conquistando Escalones Association we will have the privilege of being part of its solidary side and having a double presence. On the one hand because the amount collected with the collaboration provided by the dinner attendees will be donated to our cause, directly to the medical research of the Muscular Dystrophy of Cures 1F and HIV.

On the other hand, as so, also being a very exciting appointment for us, we can talk about our illness and its relationship with HIV, in front of the assistants, including representatives of the main associations to fight AIDS at the regional and state level, and being  accompanied  by Dr. Sara Rodriguez Mora, one of the researchers who works to achieve a cure for us and for millions, collaborator and member of Dr. Alcamí’s research group of AIDS Immunopathology Unit of the Carlos III Health Institute of Madrid.

This celebration will have as central event a dinner for guests in the Alaska Garden, but before and after it there will be activities open to all audiences. Everyone who wishes to attend at 7:30 pm is invited to the “Mantequilla de Colores“ performance and after dinner, at 11:30 pm, the performance of “Culebra” and “Los Cien Duros”. Both the evening and nightperformances will take place in the Sala Japan (C / Miralcamp 51 of Vila-real), with free access and open bar until end of stock of ‘A.C.E. Beer ‘, our craft beer.

We wait for you!