The Urban-Musical Appointment of Vila-real dedicates its December solidary side to CASDA and to the Conquistando Escalones Association

As every month, The Urban and Musical Appointment of Vila-real offers musical performances in different places, giving visibility to associations with presence and working in the city. The month of December is globally known for all the initiatives that are carried out around the globe around the fight against HIV, being Day 1 also the International Day of the Fight against AIDS.

Therefore, the performances of the month of December will be accompanied by an information table of CASDA (Citizen Association Against AIDS of Castellón) and the Conquistando Escalones Association, formed by the family whose genetic mutation causes them their rare disease (Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F) immunizes them against HIV and whom get funds for research already underway that seeks a cure for them and in the way for millions.

CASDA will offer information and advice on HIV and its prevention, with, among other things, male and female contraceptives suitable for those who are allergic to latex, as well as the possibility of rapid saliva tests for both AIDS and Hepatitis. In the Conquistando Escalones Association they will announce their craft beer A.C.E Beer.

The Urban-Musical Quote of Vila-real opens the month on Friday Day 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the El Madrigal Bar (C / Ermita 197) with the performance of Rumbology. It will continue, always at the same time, on Friday the 8th at Cafeteria Panadería Mila y l’Antic, on Friday the 15th at Gastro Café Álex and Eze, on Saturday 23 at Asador Gades and on Friday the 29th at Los Lunares. December will have a great presence of flamenco rhythms and you can follow all the performances on the Facebook site of this Urban Appointment (