Quesomentero exceeds € 3000 donated to medical research with their daily menus

‘Quesomentero Cheesebar’ began shortly after its opening, a campaign of aid to the Conquistando Escalones Association, which for each of its daily menus, donated € 1. The first donation took place in May 2016, just over € 300 for the first months of this solidarity campaign. Today and despite the short time, the Quesomentero brand has grown exponentially, expanded its opening every day of the week and there are even waiting lists for dinner on many dates. This has been translated into a greater contribution to the campaign, given that in the donation made in January 2018 for the collection of the last months, more than € 900 have been paid. We can therefore say that today € 3,000 has been surpassed; specifically Quesomentero has raised € 3013 that has gone directly to researchers seeking a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. In addition, in all this time, ‘Quesomentero Cheesebar’ has helped the association approaching its stand in events as well as making point of sale and collaborative trade for the initiatives that the association has carried out. For all this, from the Conquistando Escalones Association we are very grateful and in fact they are already part of our list of honorary partners.

You can find them at C / Pare Molina nº5 of Vila-real and make your reservation and purchase online at: https://www.quesomenterocheesebar.com/. Apart from his restaurant, just behind (C / San Pascual 16) you can visit his shop to buy all his cheeses and related products, as well as attend his exclusive tastings, in Detrás de Quesomentero.