The 5th edition of the World Brick Launch Championship of Valentin, celebrated on June 17

The next 17th of June the 5th edition of the World Brick Launch Championship of Valentin is celebrated, a singular championship, where the main thing is the fun of those who participate and solidarity, without forgetting that one can be World Champion, without Be a great athlete.

The World Brick Launch Championship of Valentín will be held as usual at the Plaza de la Iglesia de la Pedanía Calasparreña y Cehegínera, starting at 12:00. This will have a charitable character since the proceeds from the inscriptions will go to the Conquistando Escalones Association, which is financing with its own resources the research of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. Organized by the FILVA Association and Conquistando Escalones, in the past editions gathered hundreds of participants, who launched solid bricks made by hand in Valentin, which have a weight of 750 grams that throw adults and 375 thrown by minors , delighting participants and audience. This championship accommodates anyone who wants to participate, since it is divided into categories, from the smallest and with no age limit, in which women and men can participate.

The pitchers have two pitches, in which they have some rules when it comes to throwing, such as that you cannot take off the feet of the bricks where you have to place the pitcher or the arm of the pitcher cannot move behind the body.

The inscriptions will be made half an hour before the start of the Championship and the cost of the same will be 1 euro for those under 16 and 3 euros for the rest. During the Championship it will be possible to be tasted by the participants and assistants of legal age, beer for free, which is given by Estrella de Levante, which is the official sponsor of this unique Championship. In addition, from the Murcia brand of beers, there will be a tasting of your new beer with Murcian lemons, “Verna” (responsible consumption is recommended). During this Championship different raffles will also be held among the attendees, with different gifts donated by the collaborators. From the organization we want to thank the support that this event has for all the sponsors and collaborators.