The ‘Cuervarrozk 2018’ helps medical research with the concert of “La Guardia”, “Javier Gurruchaga y La Orquesta Mondragón” and the winner of La Voz, Rafa Blas

The City Council of Calasparra has presented this week the first part of the Cuervarrozk 2018, which this year will last for four nights. The earliest concert of the consecrated festival of the Northwest of Murcia will take place in Valentín and will feature the performances of La Guardia, Javier Gurruchaga y La Orquesta Mondragón and the winner of La Voz, Rafa Blas. The benefits of the entrance will go to the associations Dogs Rescue Calasparra and Conquistando Escalones, as announced by the mayor of Calasparra, José Vélez, who has thanked the collaboration of both entities, as well as the Valentine’s Day Commission, whose representatives attended at the presentation of the musical event to be held on June 22 on the Rio Argos school sports track.

Tickets are already on sale, at the price of 10 euros in advance and 13 euros at the box office. Tickets can be purchased at and as well as at the usual points.

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