Nelet and Conquistando Escalones join forces for the ‘Fair of Santa Catalina 2018’

Being one of the greatest traditions of the city of Vila-real and declared Fair of Provincial Tourist Interest, the Fair of Santa Catalina will be celebrated through the downtown streets next Sunday, November 25. The Conquistando Escalones Association will once again have a presence to seek to raise funds for the investigation of the Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.

And it will do so thanks to the invitation of Manolo Navarro and Noelia Bort de Nelet, the local liquor company with handicraft production. Both will share space in one of the neuralgic points of the Fair as it is the beginning of the Raval.

What can you find at the Nelet stand in which you collaborate with Conquistando Escalones?

Well, Nelet’s best handmade liqueurs, without preservatives or preservatives made with oranges and lemons from the province of Castellón. There will be joint packs with ‘A.C.E. Beer ‘, the craft and solidarity beer of Conquistando Escalones, can be purchased separately by units and gift boxes of 6 and 12 units. You can also buy the last tenths and ballots of the Christmas Lottery number of the association and anyone who wants to can participate in the super Christmas basket that is being prepared.


We will wait for you!