Conquistando Escalones raises more than € 12,000 in Christmas events

Although from the Conquistando Escalones Association we never stop working and we carry out events and campaigns every month and practically every week, the Christmas dates, due to many conditions, are always special in terms of activity and collection. And as always, everything achieved is aimed at research groups seeking a cure for our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, as well as our possible treatments for HIV. In fact, in the next few days we will make publications about the payments that we have just made or are going to make soon and how these investigations are progressing.

These last weeks we have had a presence in several Christmas and crafts fairs in Vila-real (Castellón), where many have come to get A.C.E. Beer ‘, the craft and solidarity beer with which we also raise funds. Also, as is normal by this time, we have sold over a thousand tenths and shares of the Christmas Lottery. And as for events, purely speaking, we have organized our ‘2nd Grand Christmas Concert’ in Gorizia (Italy), we have enjoyed in Villajoyosa (Alicante) the ‘Jazz Christmas Concert’ and the concert ‘Dolça Fira’, together with which, closing the year, we had acting in our favor in Vila-real, the humor of Xavi Castillo and the fantasy of the Cinderella musical. The benefits of all this, makes a total of just over € 12,000 received on these dates by events held and in almost all cases, organized by us.

Although the achievement is not minor, the result of this work represents a small percentage of the nearly € 200,000 that we must pay each year to researchers, so we are already working and we will announce a multitude of events and initiatives for this 2019.

We also take advantage, to thank all those individuals or companies, who may or may not attend what we organize, they send us their financial support as a fee in case of being a member or donation, be it punctual or periodic. And remember that in this link you can find different ways to help us: