Dr.Bjarne Udd makes a publication about a Swedish family with a mutation very similar to ours

Dr.Bjarne Udd is a Finnish researcher and neurologist, recognized worldwide as one of the foremost experts in muscular dystrophies. For some time now, he has been in contact with the research groups that are working to find a cure for our Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, as well as with us, showing great interest in our pathology, as well as in the peculiar mutation that causes it and that makes us immune to HIV. In fact, he attended the last congress we held in Venice.

Recently Dr. Udd has discovered a Swedish family that also suffers a mutation in our same gene and that suffers muscular dystrophy, so it would also be at the technical level LGMD1F, although it is true that the mutation is not exactly the same and has differences, as well as there are also in the evolution of the disease in Swedish patients.

After a period of in-depth study and also collaboration with one of our main researchers, Prof. Cenacchi has made the following publication that we link to anyone who may be of interest. You can read it by clicking HERE.

It is great news that researchers continue to be united, that we arouse the interest of the greatest experts worldwide and that more possible patients with our mutation or very similar, collaborate in the studies.