Dr.Angelini publishes an article on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F in a Hungarian mother and son

Dr. Corrado Angelini is an Italian researcher and neurologist, with a long history and recognized worldwide in the field of neurology, in addition to being one of the greatest architects of the discovery of the gene that causes our disease, which meant the start of everything that is being worked on now. Some time ago we were contacted by a Hungarian woman with a genetic diagnosis that indicated that she had LGMD1F. Being a leader of one of the research groups we work with, Dr. Angelini and thanks to his disposition and the relative ease of distance, mother and son (Gabriella and Felipe, of whom we have told to you several times) traveled from Hungary to Italy to perform tests and know exactly how is their mutation that causes them Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and the similarities and variables that shows with that we have in the Spanish-Italian family.

The results of the tests and the aforementioned comparison can be read CLICK HERE in the aforementioned article published by Dr. Corrado Angelini, in collaboration with the doctors Roberta Marozzo, Elena Pinzan, Valentina Pegoraro, Maria Judit Molnar, Annalaura Torella and Vincenzo Nigro

We want to thank Gabriella and Felipe for their collaboration both in the research and with the association from the moment they contacted us, as well as the entire medical team involved. Both parties, patients and researchers, are vital to continue advancing in the knowledge of our disease and the progress towards a cure.