Forces renewed after the 3rd International Congress on LGMD1F in Madrid

Despite a tiring week in Madrid, we are more motivated than ever after the 3rd International Congress on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F.

Throughout last September 24, our researchers were holding very interesting presentations on the results obtained during this last year of research and many new ideas have been exchanged to continue studying during the next year.

For us it is always exciting to participate in these debates, especially when we see the dedication and enthusiasm that each researcher puts in this battle with us and this feeds our desire to fight and hope for a better future.

After several years of collaboration, a human relationship between patients and doctors has also been created that gives us even more determination to move forward together in this battle.

We have just returned from Madrid, but we are already working on the next Congress to be held in Valencia in July 2020 and we are already organizing all our activities in the coming months to be as productive as possible.