Conquistando Escalones participates in the solidarity week Mediolanum

Banco Mediolanum celebrates for the second year, its ‘Semana Solidaria’, adding 43 activities in 21 Spanish cities from November 4 to 10, to help spread and raise funds to foundations and non-profit associations.

In Vila-real, with the help of his Family Banker, Cristian Iserte, it has been decided to support the Conquistando Escalones Association, formed by a family suffering from Muscular Dystrophy of Belts 1F, whose mutation makes them immune to HIV. All funds raised will be used for the research project, where a cure for HIV is sought through this mutation. This cure could help millions of people.

During this November the ‘Ciclo de Conciertos: Castellón con la Ciencia’ will take place, in which Banco Mediolanum collaborates, especially in the concert that will take place on November 9 in the Sala La Burbuja of Castellón, by Combo Calada and Jamaleonics. Tickets are for sale at and in Acero y Piel Castellón.

But this is not all, Conquistando Escalones has been chosen to carry out a very special initiative. And, all those who want to make a donation, the donation received by Conquistando Escalones will be doubled. The limit is € 5000, so if you enter € 2000, you will enter back to Conquistando Escalones € 4000 and if € 5000 is achieved, you will enter € 10,000 back.

The deadline for this campaign is November 9 with the celebration of the concert and monetary donations will have to be made to the account number ES27.0186.1001.97.0509799247, indicating as a matter of the transfer VAL2019021

Donors who have made their monetary donation through this procedure should request the tax certificate from to be able to have a deduction in the next 2020 income (Indicating full name, ID and province).

The president of Conquistando Escalones, Abrahán Guirao, wanted to thank the support of both Cristian Iserte and Banco Mediolanum, for “an initiative that will not only help us raise funds, but also have visibility and start an important path of collaboration with an entity as important as Mediolanum “for which he is” very satisfied and grateful “.