Balance of the First Day of Attention to Functional Diversity ATTEND

Last Saturday, the First Meeting of Attention to Functional Diversity ATIENDE was held in the Murcia town of Cehegín, in which Conquistando Escalones was organizing it, together with the Adinor and D Associations, Genes, as well as the Hon. Cehegín Town Hall. ATIENDE was a meeting place, to train and inform people with Functional Diversity, family members and professionals of the social and health sector, in which methods of action were exchanged personal experiences and especially knowledge around Functional Diversity, contributed by the 8 speakers who They work with people with disabilities, whether from the public administration, associative movement or companies, and there were two personal testimonies. These days have had the presence of more than 200 people with Functional Diversity, their relatives, but above all professionals working in this field. Both by attendees and the organization itself, a very positive assessment of the development of this Day has been made, looking at the second edition that will be held in 2020. From Conquistando Escalones, we want to thank sponsors and collaborators, for supporting an initiative such as attention to Functional Diversity.