q Conquistando Escalones brings the magic of Disney to Vila-real with the children's musical “Disnemanía: El Reencuentro” - Conquistando Escalones

Conquistando Escalones brings the magic of Disney to Vila-real with the children’s musical “Disnemanía: El Reencuentro”

As if it were almost a custom, for the third consecutive year, the magic of Disney arrives in Vila-real with the children’s musical “DISNEMANÍA 2: the reunion”, a Toy Productions show that will make young and old enjoy, and that will be present both the most classic songs and people of Disney and others of more recent works such as Frozen, Vaiana or Coco.

The show, organized by the Conquistando Escalones association with the collaboration of the City Council of Vila-real, will take place on December 29 at the Municipal Auditorium of Vila-real and there will be 2 sessions, at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., with Door opening 30 minutes before the start of the musical.

Tickets can now be purchased at the Servientradas website and at Llig stationery store, located at Pintor Gumbau street, 5 in Vila-real. The cost is a donation of € 10 with early sale and € 12 at the box office. In addition, for those who want to collaborate and cannot attend, a row 0 is also available.

The president of the Association, Abrahán Guirao, recalls that “since it is a family and solidarity event, all attendees must purchase their tickets.” Guirao is especially “excited” with this event since those who saw the first part came out “very happy and sent us very good reviews as well, that we imagine they want to see this second part.” And for those who have not seen it “do not have to worry” because it is a simple story in which they will be quickly located. In short, “the most important thing is to enjoy the best songs and characters of the Disney factory and in this 2nd part there is even more, not forgetting that with the assistance to this event you are helping us to cover medical research to find a cure for our disease, ”stresses the president.

On “Disnemanía 2, el reencuentro”

“DISNEMANÍA 2, el reencuentro”, a show in which everyone attending will travel to the world of stories and enjoy their favorite characters and songs. Children, dads and moms will spend an unforgettable moment full of color and fantasy.

A show full of magic, light, color, humor and music, which will vibrate, dream and enjoy as never before, both the little ones and the elders of the house.

Spark, Crystal, Pepon, Rain and Sancho are gathered in a mysterious place to make them fulfill a secret mission. After introducing everyone and getting to know each other, they finally discover the true meaning of that wonderful meeting. Together they tour many of the best-known songs in Disney movies. A show full of feelings, humor, love and lots of music that will move young and old to a world of fantasy and magic.

 What is Conquistando Escalones?

The Conquistando Escalones Association forms a family that suffers, for more than 8 generations, a unique genetic mutation in the world makes them sick but in turn, scientists have proven that it makes them immune to HIV. Currently, several research groups are looking for a cure for them that can also save millions. Therefore, Conquistando Escalones must get € 200,000 every year to be able to pay for these investigations. The way to get these funds is by holding events, campaigns and other initiatives.

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