On the night of this past Friday we were invited to Ferro’s company dinner, in a special gala for its centenary. The reason was to be chosen as a beneficiary association, together with Aspas Castellón, of their project ‘Teaming-El Euro Solidario’. The campaign is that all employees donate a euro every month through a platform that accumulates even on Christmas dates to add a boat which Ferro multiplies by two and is delivered to solidarity initiatives of the province that are proposed and voted by the employees.

We want to thank Pascual Coronado and Paco Corma for having proposed us, the employees for voting and the entire Ferro board for the initiative. The € 3115 received are very welcome and necessary in the fight that will be invested, which is none other than the investigation on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. We also appreciate the invitation to dinner to also talk about our association with the 650 attendees.

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