Xavi Castillo arrives on January 24 in Vila-real with his new ‘La Bíblia: Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento’

On January 24 he returns to Vila-real and again collaborating with the Conquistando Escalones Association, the Valencian humorist Xavi Castillo. This time he does it with his new work: new ‘La Bíblia: Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento’ where he analyzes and satirizes some of the main passages of the scriptures.

The Pot de Plom company advances us: “… we will review the Creation, the Universal Flood, Moses and the tables of the law, the Tower of Babel, the birth of Jesus and the miracles … Stories we all know , but going to the original text, they charge a brutal comic force. ”

As stated by the president of Conquistando Escalones, Abrahán Guirao, “we are very grateful to Pot de Plom in general and Xavi Castillo in particular for his constant willingness to help us and make everything always so easy. He always has a great public acceptance and being a new and so particular work, we trust even more.

The show will take place on Friday 24 January at 10:00 p.m. at the Auditori Música Belicàn Rafael Moner, organized by the Conquistando Escalones Association and with the collaboration of the City Council of Vila-real and the Department of Culture.

Tickets are already on sale at Brosses (C / Cova Santa 39 in Vila-real) and on the Servientradas website. Advance is a donation of € 10, at the box office will be € 15.

On benefit of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV.

What is Conquistando Escalones?

The Conquistando Escalones Association forms a family that suffers, for more than 8 generations, a unique genetic mutation in the world makes them sick but in turn, scientists have proven that it makes them immune to HIV. Currently, several research groups are looking for a cure for them that can also save millions. Therefore, Conquistando Escalones must get € 200,000 every year to be able to pay for these investigations. The way to get these funds is by holding events, campaigns and other initiatives.

For more information

Abraham Guirao

605 263 064