Conquistando Escalones participates in the solidarity payroll program, “Gracias a Ti” of ILUNION and Fundación ONCE

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The research project of the Conquistando Escalones Association has been selected among the 46 presented by the workers of ILUNION and Fundación ONCE, for the solidarity payroll program, “Gracias a Ti” among which 3 will be the finalists and will receive the proceeds by the convening entities, which last year amounted to more than 80,000 euros.

 The request to participate in this program was made by one of the Conquistando Escalones members, Ana Belén Bernal, from Calasparra (Murcia), who is also an ILUNION worker and consists of the employees of both entities, through their votes and donations decide who the finalist projects are.

 Today begins the term to choose up to a maximum of three projects with which ILUNION and Fundación ONCE will collaborate through these donations and ‘Gracias a Ti’, the solidarity payroll program that has been in existence for three years and has established itself as a channel of the solidarity of the workers of both entities.

 The voting period will be open until March 11, until 11:59 p.m. For vote:

 1st: You must work for a company of the ILUNIÓN group or for the Once Foundation. And fill in this register indicating specifically in which company:

 2nd: When you vote, select our project: