Conquistando Escalones starts the campaign “The coronavirus will not defeat us”

As explained by Abraham Guirao, the president of the Conquistando Escalones Association a few weeks ago in THIS VIDEO, the situation caused by Covid-19 places in a delicate position the continuation of medical research seeking a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. These are paid, among other things and mainly, thanks to what is collected in events in which the association participates or normally organizes. The current panorama makes it impossible to carry them out, in addition to the fact that more and more experts affirm that massive events will be impossible to carry out in a long time and that they depend on sponsors, who will be very resentful in the coming months due to the economic crisis. For this reason, it is time to find other means to obtain financing and one of them is the crowdfunding campaign that since Conquistando Escalones is launched today and will be active until May 17.



The objective of the campaign is to be able to raise funds for the part of the medical research to which an important payment must be made at the end of May, the details of which are specified below. The campaign aims to help the survival of medical research and the association in the coronavirus crisis, but also to reward donors who help with it with prizes of different types, which will be raffled among all those who contribute. And so, together, have goals and plans for when all this happens.


Depending on the amount donated, you are chosen to draw different prizes. You can donate an amount of € 10, € 20, € 30, € 50, € 100, € 250 or € 500 and enter the raffle of, depending on your donation: t-shirts, books, craft beer, cheese bucket and wine, an experience in a spa with marine hot springs, tickets to the Warner Park in Madrid or a gastronomic experience in the Basque Country with accommodation and a visit to a cider house that includes both a tour of all the facilities, as well as knowing the preparation and enjoying a full menu.

-How to collaborate-

Collaborating is very simple and we offer two ways:

  1. In the campaign that has been launched on Facebook. As easy as indicating the amount to donate and pay with your credit card. You can do it by CLICKING HERE. It has no commission and the money reaches us in full.
  2. Making an income in our IBAN ES94 0128 0680 1601 0005 2625 with the amount you want and indicating in the subject “Coronavirus Campaign”.


The team from the AIDS Immunopathology Unit, led by Dr.Alcamí, has generated in his laboratory cells that express both the normal and mutated forms of Transportin3, the protein that causes Muscular Dystrophy of Waist 1F and makes us immune to HIV. They have prepared a strategy to screen these cells for drugs already on the market that could serve to improve patients.

As Dr. Alcacamí himself has told us: “In the search for new drugs against rare diseases, a practical strategy that can give results in the short term is what we call” drug repositioning. “In this search we start with drugs that are already commercial and that are used for other diseases but that could serve for a new disease. As an example, some drugs against other viruses have been “repositioned” to attack the new Coronavirus, and this has allowed them to be used quickly because, being commercial, they have passed the required safety and toxicity tests. We have collections of drugs prepared, specifically the Prestwick collection with 1,120 authorized and patent-free drugs, the Selleck-Pfizer, 85 drugs approved but not on the market, and the GreenPharma, which are 240 representative synthetic compounds of natural compounds. With an important effort we can evaluate them in the pr coming months, if each compound is a cartridge, we have 1,445 “shots” on the target of Transportina 3. A viable and necessary effort to identify drugs active against Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F “.

From the Conquistando Escalones Association, a person must be hired to exclusively handle this within the laboratory from the end of May to the end of September. This has an approximate cost of € 10,000 and the objective of the campaign is € 5,000 with the goal of hopefully, thanks to it, being able to cover half of those costs. Although of course, it would be more ideal if possible, to cover it all.

Dr. Alcamí has ​​sent us a video in support of the campaign, while explaining the situation of the medical research scene with Covid-19.