Conquistando Escalones offers reusable face masks with different designs

Conquistando Escalones has started selling reusable cloth masks with different designs in adult and children’s sizes, among which you can find skull prints; camouflage or the legendary Dragon Ball series. Likewise, since the end of June, disposable hygienic protections are also available – in a toiletry bag that includes four masks and two disinfectant wipes – and masks of the FFPP2 type.

In this way, the Association has wanted to contribute so that people can acquire this type of product since in Spain it has been compulsory since May 21, 2020 and that with ‘the new normality’ it has spread even further.

But, not only this, but also and in order to have a wide range of possibilities, you can also buy some accessories such as ear protectors or filters.

Although it is true that nowadays it is easy to find masks in numerous establishments, these have a plus and that is that with your purchase you are contributing to the payment of medical research seeking a cure for Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and for HIV.

In addition, it should be remembered that, from € 30 of purchase of this and any other product, shipments are free to the entire peninsula. And if you reside in Vila-real or surroundings, choose at the end of your purchase “Deliver to NU (Av. Cedre 17)” and you can pick up your order there at no cost.

Limited units, don’t miss out on yours: