Below you can see a video of the laboratory of the department of genetics at the University of Valencia, recorded and commented on by Águeda Blázquez, a pre-doctoral student that we have hired thanks to the money we raise and who is part of the team of Dr Rubén Artero. In it, it can be seen how the screening of drugs and compounds is being carried out in models of the fly drosophila melagonaster characterized with our disease, Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F. Hopefully the Covid-19 allows us to continue working at this rate and we hope that during these months some will be found that give a positive result and be closer to a palliative that improves our disease. This is the fastest method on the road to improvement, much more than a definitive cure (although it is being worked on in parallel) although even so, once X compounds test positive, we must make checks on our models of cells, muscles and mutation (which are already prepared and are being worked on) and the mandatory clinical trials required by law before being administered to patients. But we keep moving steadily towards the goal.

You can find more information about the work of Dr Artero and his team in the research area of ​​our website and in the last updated note after the payment made months ago.