Quesomentero and Conquistando Escalones launch ‘Quesomentando Escalones’

The Conquistando Escalones association and the Quesomentero restaurant once again join forces with the Quesomentando Escalones initiative within the framework of the third Banco Mediolanum Solidarity Week.

Conquistando Escalones is an association of those affected by a genetic mutation that causes a hereditary and degenerative disease called Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F, which in turn makes them immune to HIV. There are several research groups around the world looking for a cure that will help them and millions of those affected. In order to raise the funds necessary to achieve this, initiatives such as Quesomentando Escalones were born. A new collaboration between the Conquistando Escalones association and Quesomentero, a successful ‘Cheese Bar’ in Vila-real (Castellón) that is also a specialist in home delivery of packs with the best cheeses in the world. The initiative is part of the third Banco Mediolanum Solidarity Week, thanks to Cristian Iserte, the entity’s Family Banker.

Online tasting

The event consists of an online cheese and beer tasting. Participants buy a pack through the Migranodearena platform (for 1 or up to 6 people) that includes a cheese board and A.C.E. Beer, as well as a link to see the tasting led by Alberto Javier Santos (chef at Quesomentero) and Abrahán Guirao (president of Conquistando Escalones).

Until December 6 you can buy packs for the tasting and collaborate on Migranodearena.org where the rest of the information is also detailed.