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“El torneo de su vida” and Villarreal CF

Villarreal CF, in order to promote the children’s and youth book ‘El torneo de su vida’, has decided to collaborate again with the Conquistando Escalones association through the Endavant Solidaritat project.


The ‘tournament of his life’ is an illustrated book that tells how its protagonist, Felipe, arrives at a new school and makes new friends while he notices that his body begins to transmit strange sensations and he begins to not be able to run or climb stairs like the rest. This illustrated book tells us about the adventures of a gang of boys and girls who create a strong bond and fight together towards an exciting purpose. It tells an exciting story about friendship, football and above all, inclusiveness. Disability away from messages of heroism or paternalism.

The entire profit from the sale of this product goes to research on Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy 1F and HIV. The author is Abrahán Guirao Romero and the illustrator Ismael Cabedo Romero. It is available in Spanish, Valencian and French. You can buy, like the masks, their craft beer… in the online store Conquistando Escalones Association. Also in bookstores, Amazon, La Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés and other places thanks to the distribution of NPQ editorial.


The president of the association, Abrahán Guirao, visited the “Ciudad Deportiva” to share with the players of the first team the new project of the association.

Both the Groguets players and the technical team have been able to know first-hand the characteristics of the children’s book. In addition, Abrahán Guirao wanted to thank the support by giving each one of them the book “El torneo de su vida.” The purpose is to promote the importance of inclusiveness, respect and friendship together with the values ​​of sport. It should be remembered that Villarreal CF and Conquistando Escalones have been collaborating for many years.


In addition, the Conquistando Escalones association continues to reinvent itself in order to raise funds for the cause. Thus, a Twitch channel has recently been opened called www.twitch.tv/turbolover1984The main objective of its creation is an associated solidarity campaign whose aim is to achieve € 20,000 that will be allocated to work for approximately one year at the University of Valencia.

It should be remembered that from this entity they work in the line of testing drugs to treat Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy Waist, which are already being tested in cells of those affected, the previous step to the tests in the patients themselves. Anyone can donate to the solidarity campaign and also get rewards and direct gifts (even be a sponsor of the campaign if you are a company). The costs of all the investigations to advance at an optimal level reach € 200,000 per year.

You can donate through the following link: DONATIONS

The operation of the campaign is based on the challenges, which are done live, when certain economic objectives are achieved. From live tastings to making a monologue in a public place, game consoles raffles, radical look changes or composing and recording a song among many things. The final challenge of celebration, when the € 20,000 is achieved, will be to participate in a match against Wrestling wrestlers. A challenge.

All this, and the different challenges that have been proposed, can be seen in the profile of the Twitch platform where the president of the Association can be seen streaming with content such as a sports talk about Villarreal CF, ‘El Var Groguet’ , playing different video games, talks with personalities from different fields and a content window that will expand exponentially every week.

To learn more about Conquistando Escalones projects, you can view the interview with Abrahán Guirao in the ‘play’ located right at the top of this publication.