‘El día més Kurt’ collaborates with Conquistando Escalones


December 21 is the shortest day of the year, with the longest night. Taking advantage of this date, ‘El día més Kurt’ has been held for a few years in Vila-real, a session of shorts where the audiovisual panorama of the city meets to enjoy a fun day. For that day, many of them shoot, underground and scoundrel short films, which, as Sergi Tellols, organizer of the session on the part of ‘Sal de la Fila’, said, “are like the fallas, they are exposed and burned there”, not appearing to any contest.

Due to the pandemic, this year it was celebrated on June 17. Admission has always been free, but those present were told about the possibility of making a voluntary donation to Conquistando Escalones and collaborating with medical research. Thanks to this, € 90 has been raised.

Thank you!